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Biblioteq is a parlour.
We hold the most valuable event collection in the world.

The arrival. Electricity. Gathering.

The smiles, hellos and hugs, paving the way to great memories.

Time to celebrate. To listen. To present and discuss.

To dance.

Moments to taste.

Biblioteq is a parlour. We hold the most valuable event collection in the world.


Biblioteq is a place where time is spectacular.

Biblioteq stands for a personalised and nuanced approach, high standards, uniqueness, flexibility and professionalism. The parlour stands for home comfort paired with exquisite luxury. This is a unique combination of excellent service, personalised approach, affordable luxury and privacy. This place is one of a kind, where each visit is unrepeatable, and rules change depending on the event.



Biblioteq is what can be called a multi-purpose salon. The dynamic opportunities characteristic of its spatial solutions allow it to adapt to the request of any client as well as the nature of any event. The salon can be used for holding virtually any type of events: such personal celebrations as birthdays, wedding receptions or a festive dinner, lunch or breakfast; in addition, it is ideal for press conferences, corporate events, product presentations, concerts and other music-related event, theme parties or receptions.  On the other hand, why not turn it into a secret night club, where only few chosen ones are allowed? The salon is open only by prior arrangement.

Biblioteq salon comprises an elegant and stately event hall, a stylish lounge area, a generously equipped kitchen, a unisex boudoir and a compact balcony.

The rooms can conveniently accommodate up to 50 guests for dinner or up to 70 for a standing reception.

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Biblioteq is meant for those who would only like to rent the space as well as for those who request a full-service package involving the organisation of the entire process from the initial idea to the event.

Today’s fast pace of life might not leave enough time to make decisions about technicalities, and Biblioteq can do it for the clients should they require it. Performers from Estonia or beyond can be brought in for an event if necessary. Culinary journeys are led by top professionals of Estonia: the company lists top private chefs and the best catering companies among its partners.  Clients have a unique opportunity to visit a restaurant of their dreams organised in accordance with their vision, be it a long family-style dinner table or a fancy restaurant with crisp white tablecloths, a standing cocktail party or a buffet-style reception. Any of these can be arranged in a grand celebration hall, flooded with light or comfortably dim, in the morning, afternoon or evening.

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